Anger is 上 ly a 习惯.

We no longer will identify ourselves with our 习惯s, such as anger. Part 上 e of a four part series that deals with how we look at anger.

一个想法“Anger is 上 ly a 习惯.

  1. 感谢您创建播客。我已经开始创造


    [你们中的许多人没有意识到您的现实是由您所说的创造的“habit”. The 上 ly reason you find it easier to believe in a world full of misery, danger, hunger, war, and disease is that you have gotten in the 习惯 of doing so. Over time, your entire species has come to accept such things as “reality” and “unavoidable”. As long as you all are in the 习惯 of believing in such a negative 现实, then such a negative 现实 shall be yours.]




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